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Each loan program requires varying amounts of documentation to support your income & assets. The loan program you select may require more or less documentation. Below you will find a list of generic items required on most loans. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. 


  • Past (2) years W-2 Statements & Tax Returns with ALL Schedules
  • Pay Stubs covering the last (60) Sixty days
  • Last 2 Months Verification of any other verifiable Income (2nd Job, Dividend, Child Support or Alimony, Disability, SSI or any other type of income)
  • Two most recent monthly bank statements "All Pages Front & Back"
  • Most recent Statement for any of the following accounts: 401K, IRA, Mutual Fund Accounts, Stocks, Cd's, Annuities etc.
  • Copy of the purchase and sale agreement if Applicable 
  • For FHA to FHA Refinance...a copy of the Note & Mortgage "Both Documents should be located in your previous closed loan packet"
  • Contact Info for Current Home Owners Insurance Agent 
  • Copy of Drivers License "Required to Verify Borrower(s) Identity"
  • Copy of Social Security Card "Required to Verify Borrower(s) Identity"


Self Employed Borrowers, Employed in Sales, Paid by Commission, or Owns Rental Real Estate:

  • Most Recent (2) years Personal & Business Tax Returns - Including All Schedules
  • Year-to-Date Profit and Loss statement and balance sheet






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