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I am a first time home buyer, and I could not have hoped for a better experience than the one ZFG mortgage provided me. These guys were tireless in their work to get me into my new home, and make the process as painless as possible. Always available, always communicative, always attentive to my needs, the are the paragon of what customer first service looks like. My family is not only in a new, beautiful home, but at a loan rate that was STELLAR. Fareed, Micah, and the rest of the team, cannot be praised highly enough. There is a reason they have great reviews and a high rating from the BBB. If you are a home-buyer and need someone with leverage to negotiate a good rate with lenders, this is the brokerage firm for you.

Robert J. Sutton

ZFG Mortgage has been absolutely magnificent! My wife and I went into buying a house for the first time having no idea what to do or where to start and they all went above and beyond for us. From helping us find a realtor to explaining and answering every question we had. We closed 2 weeks early all because they were so diligent in every way! We are so grateful and thankful for everyone at ZFG Mortgage! I highly recommend them to anyone!

Dylan Hamilton

My experience with ZFG mortgage has been nothing short of phenomenal. I shopped around between different brokers and banks, ZFG offered the best rates and closing costs and agreed to match other offers I could present them. Every email or concern I had was answered in amazing promptness. A++!

M. Salayta

Micah and Fareed were nothing but great through the entire process. We had a hiccup with the appraisal but I never really even noticed since they handled everything. I was hesitant at first to go with ZFG since it is not as well known a name, but with the service I received I see them being one of the top home loan providers in Tulsa.

Eric Donie

Would/Will not go anywhere else to get a mortgage PERIOD! Best customer experience I have ever received, they literally bend over backwards to help you through your home buying process. Love, Love, Love the people at ZFG!

Jennifer Valentine

We have moved across the country and have lived in multiple states, due to my husbands work.  Subsequently, buying a house has become a chore.  However, when we moved to Oklahoma and began working with Fareed and his staff it finally became a quick and painless process.  I highly recommend ZFG to anyone looking for a home!  Thank you Fareed!!

Lila Moore

We had an excellent experience with ZFG. Fareed and Janan were very informed and helpful every step of the way. Our loan closed on time, thanks to the hard work of Fareed and Janan. We got an awesome rate on our mortage. If you need a mortage save yourself some time and call Fareed first. I can't say enough good things about ZFG, they are awesome. Thank you Fareed. Thank you Janan. 

William and Christy Denniston

My first time working with Fareed was 8 yrs ago purchasing my first home. Fareed was ever so patient working with me and answering my first time questions, there were many. He explained everything in detail on what we could and couldn't do making the experience very conforting. I never once felt like a was another number or rushed. A year after purchasing the home I got married and went ZFG to get re-financed. Fareed again worked with me to get what I needed in a friendly way. Today I am considering buying a bigger house and have all the trust that ZFG will be there to assist me in getting the right mortgage for me and again be there to answer my many questions.

Michael Montgomery

I can't even begin to explain the gratitude we have towards Bill, Patty and the rest of the team at ZFG Mortgage. I guarantee, if we would have been led to ANY other company we NEVER would have gotten our loan. We had a few VERY tense moments and "special circumstances" in addition to an imminent government shut down looming. They worked their TAILS off, in a VERY organized manner to get our loan papers complete, honest and expedited properly, efficiently and quickly! Not once did they ever lose their cool or become unprofessional or dishonest. We will be forever grateful to them. We were led to their company through the incredible comments made through Google and I hope this will lead countless others to enlist in their business. ZFG Mortgage is nothing short of first rate and top notch! (Oh and the nice gift they send after you close is DELICIOUS as well...I won't give away their secret and let everyone be surprised) Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything, you blessed our lives tremendously. All Gods love and blessings to all of you!!

Kris, Jamie, Dodger & Bodey Sloan

My experience with ZFG Mortgage was excellent. They helped me obtain a loan at a great rate. I am a very busy single mom. They took the time to walk me through everything needed and helped me gather the necessary documents so we could close quickly. They returned phone calls and emails expeditiously. They went far and beyond my expectations. I recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for a loan.

Robin Woldtvedt "Owner of Playtime Plus"

Best service I've ever received. When I have a property I want to buy, I want to close quickly. This isn't possible with traditional lenders like the big banks. I've been able to close in 2 weeks or less multiple times with ZFG! It really helped me get the properties because I was able to build that quick turn around into my offer on the property which is a major selling point to someone looking to get out from under their house. Bill is great at explaining all the ins and outs of the process so you never feel out of the loop. Since I found ZFG, I haven't had to use anybody else. I highly recommend them!

Brady Paselk

The people at ZFG Mortgage are top notch!! I was completely new at attempting to finance a home, and they were there every step of the way. I'm sure I asked some pretty bone headed questions, but they were fast and accurate with their responses. Fareed and Patty were great to work with. I will be referring anyone looking for a mortgage to them! Thanks again

Jerry Nix

They were simply incredible! We didn't think that we were able to buy a home, and after only a month we own a beautiful home! Truly, they are incredible!

Emily Stewart

ZFG Mortgage is a top rated Mortgage Lender in Tulsa, OK. I have worked with them for 6+ years as one of their mortgage investors. I am proud to be part of the ZFG Team helping them with their customers buy and refinance their homes.

Lisa DeGeorge-Nix

I moved to Tulsa from Dallas, TX and found ZFG to be an amazing company. I have worked in the mortgage banking industry for over 32 years and found this company and my mortgage broker to be the utmost professional group. Their abilities in identifying the best product for me and my home purchase are nothing less than stellar. The attention to detail and ability to vet through the process expeditiously was outstanding. Fareed Hussein was my broker and he performed fabulously. I highly recommend Fareed and the ZFG Team to anyone who wants to experience a world class mortgage experience. I personally and professionally thank him and his team for all they did to expedite the handling of our loan. GREAT JOB!!!!

Robert Farnam

From the first time I spoke to ZFG Mortgage my loan officer Bill on the phone, I knew immediately
that ZFG mortgage was a great company to work with to get me into our 1st Home. The whole staff at ZFG Mortgage did an outstanding job of walking us though the entire mortgage process. We were amazed at how friendly, knowledgeable, and patient they were, even after numerous phone calls, emails, texts and even when my loan officers Bill was at home sick with food
poisoning, he still answered his phone. I cannot express our gratitude enough towards ZFG mortgage for helping us purchase our first home. We will use you guys for future refinances and purchases and always be extremely appreciative of what you guys did for us. Thank you Bill and the rest of the staff at ZFG Mortgage of making our home ownership dreams come true!

Keith Lervig

At my closing, I was so surprised to find out that the mortgage interest rate on my loan actually got lower than what I was quoted initially. I ended up receiving a 2.75% on my new 30 year fixed rate mortgage rather than the 3.0% which was given to me on my initial Good faith estimate. I looked at other reviews here and I guess I am not the only one who has had a good experience with ZFG Mortgage in Tulsa . I really appreciate what you guy's did for me. And to my loan officer Bill thank so much for your patience and explaining everything to me thoroughly. If you need a mortgage you need to give them a call!! I referred a few of my friends to them and they have been just as pleased.‎

Justin Bellin

ZFG Mortgage is an Exceptional Oklahoma home loan Lender! My experience with ZFG Mortgage was nothing short of outstanding!!! It would not have been so without the exceptional service provided by my loan officer, Bill Sheikh. I was a bit nervous & had some questions/concerns about refinancing my house, but after my first conversation with Bill I felt completely at ease. He was very knowledgeable and extremely professional while maintaining a kind and personable air that made me feel comfortable with the decisions I needed to make. Bill was encouraging and extremely patient with me during the hole mortgage refinance process. I would recommend ZFG Mortgage and Bill to anyone who has any type of home financing needs. They provide excellent customer service and peace of mind. Thank you so much ZFG.. I will be recommending them to anyone that I know that needs a mortgage in Oklahoma for the foreseeable future!

Tom Anderson

I just wanted to send a quick note to your company about one of your employees. His name is Bill Sheikh. I called your company the other day for a mortgage in Oklahoma and spoke with Bill who went way far and above in the time he took with me. I have built and bought many homes in my lifetime and Bill educated me more during that single phone conversation and I got more of my questions answered that have never been answered or explained to me in a way that I could understand by any other Loan Officer at a bank/title co. or closing office. I have been in the customer service business (service advisor for a Cadillac/Nissan/Saab dealership) for 28 years and after all those years of giving great service this is the first time I have ever been treated in such a professional manner and now I have much more knowledge than before which will truly help in my future real estate mortgage transactions. I will definitely be using your company in the future. All company owners/bosses only seem to hear all the complaints and never the good things about their employees so i just had to take the time to inform you how pleased I am with Bill (and ZFG Mortgage) and to let you know what a great employee/benefit he is to your company. Thank you

Randy Warren

Life has been so much easier since Bill (and ZFG Mortgage in Tulsa) got our refinance pushed through. Thank you for all your hard work. I would like to remain on your marketing list so that we can work together again in the future. Happy New Year and God Bless.

Travis & Lauren Munch

Thanks for getting me in my first home with the Oklahoma USDA mortgage loan !!I did not have to put any money down out of my pocket and I still got a loan with great rate. Also thanks for your help on the 8,000 tax credit Bill. I have already referred you guy's to so many of my friends and will refer you to many more in the future.. Thank you so much.

Lindsey Bailey

Great communication, personal service Bill helped me not only to repair my credit but he aided me in getting a great loan at a great rate. I trust this company and Bill a 100%! Also his assistant Johna was SUPER helpful and answered all my questions, and believe me I had TONS of them. Also, and only one more also. Bill had a great referral to a guy names Mike who helped me with my credit! This is just a great team of great people who get things done!‎ Thanks so much ZFG Mortgage Tulsa

Marry Doss

Johna (and the rest of the ZFG staff) Thank you for your patience and consideration while we moved through the mortgage refinance process. My deepest appreciation and best wishes to you. God bless you in your work and I hope to meet you on a visit to Tulsa. I just want you to know I really do appreciate how you worked with me obtain the mortgage refinance. Your professionalism, courtesy and quality customer service kept us moving toward the goal. I really will stop in to meet you when I am in Tulsa.

Janet Newby

By far the hardest working company I have ever had business dealings with. There is no quit in any of the associates. Believe me I tried to push them that far. Dont hesitate to use this company. Thanks Fareed, Johna and the rest of the team at ZFG mortgage in Tulsa that worked on my FHA refinance

Jay Kester


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