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Knowledgeable real estate investors know to turn to ZFG's Real Estate Investment Lending Division to get the home loans they need to purchase more properties. For many people, real estate investing can be a practical and sensible way to invest for the future. Thanks to our real estate know-how and flexible loan process, we're often able to help you get the financing you need to purchase that property you have your eye on—even when other mortgage companies can't.


Some of the benefits of our investment property home loans include:

Our flexible loan approval guidelines often allow investors to finance more properties compared with more traditional lenders.

We help real estate investors qualify more easily for loans, since our underwriting guidelines count a full 75% of rental income. That's typically 15% more than most traditional lenders allow using standard Fannie Mae guidelines.

ZFG Real Estate Investment Lending offers a wide range of loan programs. With our adjustable, fixed and combination rate loans, you can find a loan that meets your individual needs and lifestyle. Our Home Loan Consultants are experts who understand the needs of real estate investors, and can help you get the most out of your choice of financing.

For example, you might consider refinancing your primary home's equity to help pay for your next investment property. ZFG Real Estate Investment Lending Division offers a wide range of refinancing loan options, including cash-out refinancing, that can allow you to access your home's equity.Whether you're buying your first property or are an experienced pro, we can help you get the financing you need. Call 1-877-205-7266 today to apply  for a no–cost, no-obligation loan consultation. Our experienced Loan Consultants can recommend the loan options best suited to help you purchase investment properties. With our wide range of home loans, including refinancing , we're confident of finding you a loan to meet your individual needs.

Buying an investment property puts your money to work and could give you an impressive return over time. By getting the right loan from ZFG, you could begin enjoying the financial rewards of owning real estate—and build wealth for your future.







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